Yoga is helping me eat less!

I share this on this blog because I know so many people with bipolar disorder and other mental maladies who are overeating to the point of being overweight, which can bring on a whole new set of physical problems for the body.

I have had a problem with emotional overeating for several years.  I have tried all types of diets.  Due to being on psychiatric medications my doctor refused to put me on any medications that would help curb my appetite.  Well, it looks like I may have stumbled across an all-natural appetite suppressant: Yoga!

I have been interested in yoga for a while.  It has great benefits for someone who has a mood disorder.  It has positive effects on the chemicals in the brain.  About a week ago, I decided to get some beginning yoga downloads on my phone and start practicing this calming form of exercise.

Low and behold, I have only been eating 3 meals a day with 1 snack.  I have not been thinking about food.  I have had to remind myself to eat!  This is quite a big deal for someone whose mind was continually on food.

I think it works because I am positively dealing with my emotions now.  Yoga helps me feel calmer, too.  I am really enjoying it!

I wanted to share a web-link with you from gaiam about yoga and weight loss:

Rememer, it does get better!

-More than mental


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