Is it Hypomania or Yoga?

I was in a depressed phase for several months.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  I did have to get up and go to work but other than that I wasn’t accomplishing anything.

I now seem to be getting out of the depressed phase.  It started happening just over a week ago about the same time that I started yoga.

I have been cycling a lot for about a year from depression to hypomania and even mixed phases.  I am not sure if I am cycling into some hypomania or if the yoga is having a positive affect on my mood.

I have been doing research on yoga and mental health and read that those with mental health issues should be careful when doing yoga and talk to health care professionals while doing it.  It may cause depression to worsen.

I did post that yoga has been helping me eat less and that is still the case.

I need to make an appointment with my psychologist and talk with her about it.  She is great at helping me sort my life’s problems out.  I will also ask my psychiatrist.

Remember, it does get better.

-More than Mental


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