Caring for My Mental Health

Psychiatrist: I see my psychiatrist when s/he thinks I should.  I try my best to not miss appointments.  If I miss an appointment I promptly reschedule.  I tell my psychiatrist everything, even if it’s difficult.

Medication: I always take my medication as prescribed and try my best not to miss it.  Since being diagnosed with bipolar disorder (over 10 years ago) I have never stopped my medicines.  My medications have changed a lot over the years but I have always been on some regimen of medication for my illness.   

Therapy:  I see my psychologist on a regular basis.  I have been with my current therapist for about 6 years.  The therapist really helps me with working through issues I may be having.  S/he has done a great job helping me look at problems in new ways.  I am very honest with my psychologist, even if it’s difficult.

Hospitalization: On occasion, I have had to be hospitalized.  It is never a fun experience and I don’t like it but it can be necessary for someone with mental illness.  I will talk more about hospitalization in a later blog.


One thought on “Caring for My Mental Health

  1. You are informative and I enjoy reading your experiences. Your words of encouragement are helpful to many people fighting the battle for better mental health and happiness. May God Bless you always.


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