Daily Burn

I have been working out (on and off) by myself for years.  Recently, I have been using the cardio machines at the gym.  I do enjoy the gym but have been looking for a way to add strength training and variety to my routine.  I am also in a depressed phase and thought that something new would give me some excitement.

A family member recommended Daily Burn.  It has gotten great reviews.  There is a 30-day free trial so I can try it before I buy it.  If I continue with it, the cost is only $12.95 per month! 

Each day there is a brand-new, live workout.  If you don’t make the live session it’s okay.  The workout is available for 24 hours.  They have a library full of workouts to choose from as well.  For an extra cost, you can get a 1 on 1 trainer’s help.

I will give my reviews about Daily Burn every other Friday, when I do my weigh in.

Remember, it does get better.
-More than Mental


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