Starting Wellbutin for my Depression

I have been having depression for about a month.  I am wanting to sleep all the time,  I have low energy and have very little motivation.  I went from exercising almost every day of the week to not exercising at all.  However, I have maintained my weight by keeping my calorie counting in check.

I was able to see my psychiatrist today.  He prescribed Wellbutrin, generic name buproprion.  I will take 150 mg in the morning for 1 week and then increase to 300 mg in the morning.  This has been added to my Paxil for my OCD and my Latuda for my bipolar disorder.

I am looking forward to this helping.  I am always optimistic when beginning a new medication.  Despite my depression, I am a glass half full type of person.

Remember, it does get better!
-More than Mental


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