Atychiphobia, a phobia of failing.  I just figured out that I have it.

I started school a month ago.  I’m taking a chemistry class and it is very difficult for me.  The mid-term exam is coming up and I have such a fear of failing it that I have a headache and symptoms of anxiety.  I want to completely quit school because I am so afraid of failing classes.

My father told me in the past that I have a fear of failure and I didmissed it.  “I don’t have that.” I thought.

The anxiety I am having over this class and college is too exaggerated so I decided to look up this fear of failure.  I looked up an article on Psychology Today titled 10 Signs that you might have a fear of failure.  It really describes me.  

I know that I can’t let this exaggerated fear overcome me.  It has ruled my life for too long.  I will talk with my psychologist about this issue and work it out.

I have posted the Psychology Today article for you to look at.

Remember, it does get better.

-More than Mental


2 thoughts on “Atychiphobia.

  1. Great post! I had never considered that I might have this phobia, but upon reading the link you provided I think it’s a possibility. Failure absolutely terrifies me. I am quite a perfectionist and I find it extremely hard to be forgiving towards my myself. Though I am most afraid of letting my family down and disappointing them. I can never allow that to happen.


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