I began a new class two weeks ago.  I am taking microbiology.  I’m positive that this class will be easier than chemistry… I hope!

I feel some depression sneaking in though.  Very aggravating.  I cycle a lot and get depression and an apathetic attitude more than I get hypomania.

It has been very difficult to study.  When I’m not working I choose to sit around and do absolutely nothing or sleep.  I’ve been getting 11 hours of sleep at night!

I know I have to stop that sleep pattern as soon as possible.  It will make my mental situation worse.

I did finally get some studying accomplished this morning.  

Remember, it does get better!

More than Mental


6 thoughts on “Microbiology

  1. Hey 🙂 I am a Microbiology student and I can assure you that this class will be more interesting than chemistry, even more if you are interested in medicine.
    I wish you all the best & if you will ever need help feel free to write but I am sure you will do great!


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