Hurricane Matthew

I am a Floridian and had to evacuate last Thursday due to Hurricane Matthew.

I have been dealing with bipolar depression for a couple of months now.  My appointment was supposed to be yesterday.  I was looking forward to it because who wants to live with depression?  It turns out the office is closed for the whole week.  I’m really irritated by this.

I am still having a lot of trouble listening to my lectures for microbiology due to the depression.  My son was late to school twice this week because I am having so much trouble getting out of bed.  I really hope I can get an appointment asap!

I have been praying for all of the Hurricane Matthew victims.  I have prayed for the Haitians; they lost so many people.  There are still people without power here in Florida because of storm damage.  Our house sustained no damage or flooding.

Remember, it does get better.

More than Mental


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