Oh my gosh!

I had to evacuate out of town due to Hurricane Matthew.  I packed my belongings, including medications, into my suitcase.

When I got home I unpacked what I thought was all of my psychiatric medicines.  

I was looking for an earring in my suitcase this morning and saw my morning time antidepressant in there.  “I should take this” I thought.  As I was swallowing down my meds it occurred to me, “Oh my gosh!  I haven’t been taking my antidepressant!”

It has been 4 or 5 days since I last had my antidepressant.  I was having headaches and my depression was dabilitating.  It did not even cross my mind that I wasn’t taking it!  I saw my psychologist today and she said that my meds are affecting my memory.

It was just a few hours after taking the antidepressant that I started feeling better.  I just can’t believe I did this!

To make sure this doesn’t happen again, I am going to put a reminder on my coffee pot to take my morning pills.  I always get coffee first thing so this will work for me.

Remember, it does get better.

More than Mental


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