What not to say with someone who has mental illness.

These are all comments/questions that have been made to me.  In fact, people still say or ask me some of these.  Only ignorant people would say these things.

Are you taking your medicine?

This just makes me plain angry when someone asks me this.  Sometimes I just have a bad day because I am human.

You’re lazy.

I have had many family members say this to me.  They just cannot fathom what a deep depression is like.

You have to get up and force yourself to be productive.

This aggravates me.  If I could get up then I would.  I hate laying in the bed.  Again, some people cannot know what a deep depression is like.  

You’re crazy.

Yeah… not much to explain on this one. 😦

You’re [insert illness here].

My mental illness doesn’t define who I am.  It is a part of me.  I am more than mental.

You just got out of the hospital.  You should be better.

Being in the hospital stabilizes me.  When I get out, I still have the same symptoms as when I went in, they are just less severe.  The hospital is a security blanket for me.  When I get out, I feel really scared because I don’t know if the symptoms will return.  I try to take it easy and slow so that stress does not make the symptoms come back.  Also, when I get out, I am probably on strong meds like Xanax or others which make me want to zonk out and not do anything.

You’re not even trying to help yourself.

Not true!  I am helping myself everyday of my life.  You have no idea what is going through my head.  Don’t even try to figure out what I’m thinking because you can’t understand unless you’re me.  I do or don’t do certain things as a way to keep myself mentally healthy.

Remember, it does get better.

More than Mental


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