Extreme agitation!

I am in the process of withdrawing off of Paxil and starting Viibryd.   About a week ago, I thought it was the proper time to completely stop taking my Paxil because I had missed a dose one day and did not have any withdrawal symptoms.  I didn’t take my Paxil the next day either.

The next day was horrible.  Mentally, I felt awful.  I will not go into the severe symptoms I was having but had I told a psychiatrist of psychologist, they would have told me to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

I took a dose of Paxil that night so make myself feel better and ever since then I have had the most horrible agitation.  EVERYTHING is pissing me off: driving, dirty house, kids not listening, my client who constantly repeats herself (she has dementia, bless her heart).  Even little things set me off; say for example, dribbling some coffee on my shirt.  It is not normal agitation; it is about 6 times worse than the agitation associated with hypomania.

Anyhow, I spoke with my husband about it last night.  He told me to up my dose of Paxil.  He said my alternative is the hospital.  I was originally taking 40 mg, then 20mg and finally 10 mg.  This morning I took 20 mg and am feeling substantially better.

I will be looking for a new psychiatrist as well because when I get into bad situations like these, my current doctor is not on call and does not have an all call physician.  The office is also only opened Monday through Thursday and closes for one hour every day for lunch.

It is hard for me to go to the hospital because it causes such a problem for everyone around me.  My husband has to take off time from work because we have children that need care.  Then his work has to scramble to find someone to replace him.  He is in the military and works in a small office.  I have family but I think they feel this is my problem and they do not even try to come and help us.  It’s very disheartening.  A brother-in-law once came to help but they live a 3 day drive away so that is not always possible either.

Remember, it does get better.

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