Do you know what today is?

World Bipolar Day!


The Asian Network of Bipolar Disorder, the International Bipolar Foundation and the International Society for Bipolar Disorders are collectively responsible for creating World Bipolar Day (WBD).

Why Celebrate It?

The purpose for creating World Bipolar Day was and still is to “bring world awareness to bipolar disorders and to eliminate social stigma“. WBD is celebrated every year, on March 30th. 


Why March 30th?

I was curious as to why March 30th was chosen as the day to celebrate removing stigmas attached to bipolar disorder. Many of you may already know this but it turns out that on March 30, 1853 a star was born: Vincent Van Gogh. It is speculated that he may have lived with bipolar disorder.

Time to Celebrate!

You can learn how to join in the celebration by clicking here!

World Bipolar Day on Facebook

#WorldBipolarDay #BipolarStrong


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