How I Weaned off of Paxil.

It wasn’t easy but I finally got off of Paxil.  I will not take Paxil ever again, Lord willing!  I would like to share how I finally accomplished the withdrawal process.  You can read about some of the troubles I had withdrawing off of it in previous posts.

I was on 40 mg of Paxil on and off for about 20 years!  The other couple of times I came off of it was while I was hospitalized so for some reason it was not bad when coming off it.

However, I had to work and take care of kids during this approximate 3-month withdrawal process.  I did have withdrawal symptoms for those 3-months.

So, after having done this, I have suggestions to make it easier for anyone else who needs to get off of Paxil.

Start by halving your original dose or cutting the dose down by about 10 mg.  I was on 40 mg so I went to 20 mg.  Take the new dose until withdrawal symptoms subside.  Then halve the dose again and take until withdrawal symptoms are gone.  Continue this process until you reach the lowest possible dose.  Take the lowest dose until withdrawal symptoms stop and then stop taking the medicine.

I was on 40 mg, then 20 mg, then 10 mg and finally 5 mg.  

It was a happy day when I didn’t need to take it anymore.  I was tempted at times to just start taking Paxil again to avoid withdrawing but I kept on.  I may write about symptoms I experienced in a later post but I have not decided yet.

I really hope this helps someone!

Remember, it does get better!

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